Providing inspirational and creative experiences for teams helps those teams to come together, gel, and tackle big issues creatively. We build those experiences within a professional recording studio through a unique combination of activities including facilitated strategic planning exercises and group and individual music making. We immerse a team in the power and inspiration of creating music to deliver a once in a lifetime team experience and unique audio content reflecting the team.  



Participant comments:

"At the end of day one I felt filled with more clarity"

"I felt more clarity in our future direction and more alignment across the team"

"New venue and clear process helped us gain clarity and we felt even more like a team then before"

"Good to step away and get perspective. Good to get to know others more intimately. I think it allowed us to speak more frankly."

"Totally different to our working environment. Not usually associated with office type work. So good way to clear the head for strategic thinking."

" Awesome. Definitely the more fun part of the experience and got our minds to focus on something else vs the big decision around growth."

"More of a connection to my team"